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Terms and conditions of

1. Orders can be made only by adult persons, by use internet shop. Order will be accepted only in moment of payment for goods, by use of credit cards or by other methods described in internet shop. Orders confirmation happens with moment of receipt payment.
2. Information on internet page does not represents stricte commercial offer, just informations about products and prices. Company LATEXBUSINESS can refuse orders realization without particular reason. If the customer already paid, company LATEXBUSINESS will send the money back.
3. Our products are checked for quality before sending. If it occures, item has a defect (not caused by client) the customer should send back the items and receive a new one or get money back in return. The customer has to prove in reliable manner , the items defect are not caused by client.
4. We gives guarantee in accordance with the law. LATEXBUSINESS does not carry responsibility for resulting damages caused by inadequate use of product or when the customer damaged the item by using excessive force.
5. Company LATEXBUSINESS does not have goods in stock . All goods are produced on special customers order , thats why they can not be sent back (because for example: customer does not like them).
6. Company LATEXBUSINESS produces the items by order, so time of delivery can be 3 weeks, counting from moment of receipt of payment.

7. LATEXBUSINESS keeps and converts customers data only and exclusively for order realisation.
8. Without regard on country to which one the items were send, transaction is executed on area of Poland in accordance with Polish law.
9. In case of controversy place of jurisdiction of law is exclusively Cracow and use has exclusively Polish law. Place of stay, residences and citizenship of the customer does not have in such chance of meaning. Only obligatory text of regulations is text in Polish language.
10. Products of LATEXBUSINESS company should be used only by adult persons, with their agreement and never against will of others. The use of LATEXBUSINESS products must to take place with attendance of partners, which cares for security of user. LATEXBUSINESS products have character of theatrical dresses and can not be used as protective clothing. Before purchase of LATEXBUSINESSs goods user should pass investigations, medical assuring that he can use the goods without damage for health, such as breath problems, allergy, problems with blood circulation system , or psychical trauma. People allergic to natural latex can not use products made from it. LATEXBUSINESS does not carry responsibility for physical, wholesome and other harm called out by incorrect use of product.
11. The customer before purchase has to to read and accept conditions, terms and FAQ on page Made of order is univocal with fact that customer accepts regulations of shop.

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